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Please note: This is a job application PLEASE only complete this form if you are SERIOUS about joining the team.
What is a bodyshop at home consultant?
Its pretty simple. You sell bodyshop products at a discounted price via catalogues, get togethers and social media and receive 25 percent commission on everything you sell. You'll need to be hardworking, organised and willing to get out there and sell to others whether it is via social media, colleagues, or friends and family.
The start up fee is only £45 and you'll get a kit of over £200 worth of products to get started.
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Are you familiar with The Body Shop and/or Beauty/Skin care products?

If yes, please describe your favourite Body Shop product and why You love it!

Do you currently work Full time/part time? (This will not affect your application)

Do you have any previouss experience that will help you in this role? If yes please explain below.

What method do you plan on using to make sales?

Example: Social media/friends & family/Other?
Why do you feel you should be selected for this particular role?

What are your long-term career plans within this job?

Where do you see your business going?
How far do you see yourself going with The Body Shop At Home?
Why do you want this job?
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